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It’s a simple question with an obvious answer. You probably have been hurt. All of us have. But have you ever considered the domino effect hurt can have in your own life? In the first session, Ed Glaspey tells part of his own personal story, and shows how when we don’t deal with our hurt, we can wind up making a massive mess of our lives.
You’ve probably heard it before: God loves you and has a plan for your life. But what about Satan? Does he have a plan for you too? In this session, Ed talks about Satan’s strategy to get you to ruin your life, and how you can counter it with truth!
This teaching is based on 2 Corinthians 10:5 in which Ed shares on how taking thoughts captive can change our lives, and break through strongholds in our minds. Why does God tell us to put on the full armor of God, and what does it mean? You will learn how vital it is to our everyday walk.
In part 1 this session, special guest Jane Erickson will share her amazing story of brokenness and restoration of hope and purpose. Ed then shares about how God designed us with special care.
In part 1 of this session, speaker Doug Easterday talks about some of the wrong concepts we have about God, and where we get those ideas. In part 2, Doug takes on a very difficult question that has plagued men and women for centuries: “Where was God when I was hurt?”
Last session, Doug talked about wrong concepts of God. Now, Jason Hague proposes what he believes is a true picture of God as described in the Bible: a Being who is not only mind-blowingly massive, but who is gracious, compassionate, and shockingly personal!
The Bible refers to God as our “Father” countless times, but many people have difficulty with that metaphor. Why? Because, lets face it: many of our earthly fathers have not been model parents. So what are we to make of this relationship? In what sense is He our Father? And what does He expect of us? Doug Easterday shares on this very personal issue.
Many people are more attached to the rules and regulations of a religion than they are to the person of Jesus Christ. Is this really what God intended? In this session, Ed talks about the trappings of religiosity and the orphan spirit, and introduces God’s intention to adopt us all as sons and daughters.
How important is your attitude, really? What does God think about complaining and gossip? In this session, Ed shares about these issues from the story of Israel’s Exodus from Egypt, and from his own personal experience in a near-fatal bus accident. He goes on to talk about the importance of baptism in the life of a Christian.
Sex. How important is it, really? What was God’s original intention for it? How do we deal with sexual temptation? And what happens when we violate God’s loving guidelines? In this session, Ed takes on these tough issues carefully yet without embarrassment, providing answers that give hope even for those who have struggled in sin for years.
In this session, Ed talks frankly about his own personal history, explaining how his addiction to pornography nearly cost him his marriage. More importantly, he shares how he found freedom lust and how he walks in purity to this day. This is a candid issue that is more important today in the internet age than it has ever been. We don’t typically recommend this class for most women as it contains some sensitive issues. However we have found that it helps some women understand the male perspective.
In this session, speaker Linda Frizzell shares about her journey living through the aftermath of sexual abuse and how God has set her free from guilt and shame as well as sexual sins of her own. The principles she shares can help any woman who has experienced any type of abuse, whether sexual, physical, or emotional. We do not typically recommend this class for men as it contains some sensitive issues. However we have found that it helps some men in understanding the female perspective.
In sessions 10 and 11, we dealt with our own brokenness as it relates to temptation and sin, guilt and shame. Today, we talk about filling those empty places with new habits and mindsets. Ed shares about how to connect with God on a daily basis through listening to His voice and reading His words.
We have looked a lot at what the enemy has done to us and what we have done to ourselves. Today, we turn our attention to those things that other people have done to us. How do we deal with those hurts? Doug Easterday explains what forgiveness is not, what it is, and why it is so very important.
It’s one thing to talk about forgiveness; it’s another thing to actually choose it. In this session, Ed briefly talks about the danger of unforgiveness. Then, Doug takes over and gets practical and specific, leading the class in a practical exercise of forgiveness. It’s time to heal, friend!
In this session, Ed shares about how he broke a poverty mentality, and how you can do it, too. In part 2, he goes on to lead the class in an exercise of “cutting off” other spiritual attachments through prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit.
It’s been a long journey! In this abbreviated session, Ed shares about next steps. You’ve dealt with a lot of stuff these past weeks, so where should you go from here? Ed will give you some ideas. This is the final session of Restoration!

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