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Coordinate Restoration

Once you start on your journey to freedom you may want to share the Restoration class with others. There are many ways that you can Coordinate Restoration among those you know and love.

Give a Gift Certificate for an Online Class

Click on the Buy Gift Certificate button below to purchase and send a $79 gift certificate, redeemable for a registration to the online Restoration class, as well as a copy of the workbook, to one of your friends or loved ones. They will be able to redeem it by clicking on their certificate and entering the code in the registration checkout page.

Buy a DVD set & Workbook
and have it sent to a relative or friend

Share your path to freedom with your friends and loved ones. Click on the Pay Now button to purchase and send the complete Restoration class on 16 DVDs and a class Workbook directly to your relative or friend. Be sure to have their shipping address handy when you place the order. Alternately, you could have the set shipped to your address and present it to them the next time you see them. This is a great option for your older friends and relatives that may be challenged by online technology.

DVD Set = $129 + Shipping & Handling

Tell Others About the Restoration Class

LikeWhether you blog, tweet, email, use facebook or any other social media, you can tell others about your experience with the Restoration class and provide links to our home page. Like you, there are many others that you know around the world who could benefit from the online self-study Restoration video series. Encourage them with your testimony to sign up wherever they are and gain the freedom God is offering everyone. Would you please take a few minutes and share us with your circles of relationships now? They might be forever blessed.

Start a Restoration School in your area

What will it take? In the over three decades we have been around, Restoration Ministries has learned that it is not an easy commitment to get a class going in your area and then keep it going. It takes dedicated people who are utterly convinced of the benefits of Restoration, usually because their own lives have been transformed through it.

So, the first step to champion a class in your area is to actually go all the way through the Restoration class yourself. In fact, we highly recommend going through it twice. There is so much excellent content crammed into 16 sessions that the first time through you deal with the bigger chunks. The second time through allows you to find the hidden gems that were harder to see the first time through. After all, the important thing is that you become as free as possible from those things that burdened your life.

If you have finished going through the Restoration classes, the next step is to make sure you have spiritual covering. We encourage you to talk with your pastor before you talk with us. We have found that without the active support of your church, it is very difficult to establish a Restoration Class to minister to others.

Typically a Restoration Coordinator, will:

  • Order a Coordinator’s Restoration set, consisting of a DVD set, 2 workbooks, promotional materials, and a Coordinator’s manual.
  • Work with their local pastor to set a 16 week schedule and secure a meeting space
  • Lead prayer times in preparation for the Restoration Class
  • Promote the Restoration Class broadly within the church and in the local community
  • Order an approximate number of class Workbooks in advance
  • Prepare the meeting room, provide refreshments, have DVD projection/screening equipment, take attendance, and serve as host/hostess, welcoming students and starting and ending each session.
  • Contact the Restoration Ministries office with questions and actively participate in the Restoration Coordinator Website.

If this seems a calling God is laying on your heart, please download the Restoration Coordinator Application Form. Print this form and fill it out with your pastor, and mail it back to us. We will review it and get back to you as soon as possible.

Another option available is if you are actively engaged in Prison Ministries. The Restoration classes have been very successful in the United States and abroad. Prison chaplains, and sometimes prison ministry staff working with prison chaplains, obtain permission from wardens to run Restoration classes in their facilities. We have active schools in 78 correctional facilities, and growing. If you are part of a prison ministry and would like to champion Restoration in your local facility, please speak with your prison chaplain, fill out the Restoration Coordinator Application Form together, and return the form to us.

Finally, if you are a Pastor or a Prison Chaplain and would like to add Restoration classes to your ministry offerings, please feel free to fill out the Restoration Coordinator Application Form and return the form to us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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