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Here is good news we’ve been told by Restoration class students:

I was sexually abused by my father until I turned 16. I’ve hated him all my life. I was so angry at my father and at God for letting it happen that I unleashed that anger at everyone around me. I became suicidal. The Restoration class challenged me to forgive my father so that I could find my own freedom. My choice to forgive has changed my life!”

I’ve been a Christian all my life. My religion has been all about serving God out of duty, control and guilt. Through Restoration I’ve found freedom from this bondage. Now I know that God really loves me.”

I’ve stayed in a physically and verbally abusive relationship. I have no self-esteem. I thought I deserved to suffer what I was going through. The Restoration class helped me realize that I’m a valuable person and don’t have to live in that kind of situation. Now we’re in counseling and God is slowly restoring our marriage.”

I’ve been hooked on internet porn. It has stolen so much of my life. My early experiences had left me searching for who I was. I found comfort in pornography. I began treating all women as objects for my pleasure. I was challenged at the Restoration classes. God changed my heart. I am finding out who I really am in Christ and that God loves me. Restoration gave me the tools to break my addiction and way of thinking. I still struggle but I am choosing freedom daily.”

I didn’t know why I always hurt people with my sarcasm and cutting remarks. I put them down and destroyed them. Through Restoration I found out that it was the hurt I’d experienced myself while growing up that encouraged me to lash out to those closest to me. By identifying those who hurt me in the past and forgiving them I’ve gained freedom to become an encourager and help others to find that same freedom.”

All my life I’ve felt I was created the wrong sex. This has tortured me and ruined my relationships. I have so much guilt and shame. I was making wrong choices that just buried me deeper. I was in despair, just hopeless. Restoration class taught me that God purposefully created me as who I am. I still have thoughts but I also have the tools so that I don’t have to act on them. At Restoration I was able to work through the guilt and shame. Now, with the freedom I’ve received, I’m working on restoring my broken relationships.”

By the time I went through Restoration, I was anorexic and was very close to death. As I started learning, God started renewing my mind and showing me who I was in Christ. Anorexia is not a part of my life anymore and the Promised Land stretches out before me with endless possibilities.”

My bad experiences with my Dad kept me from realizing how much the Father loves me and from really trusting Him.”

I am pastor of a church where about 25 people are meeting for Restoration. It has been a great inspiration, and most people, if not all, have shown real growth already. I have appreciated all of the teaching, and have incorporated several of the topics in Sunday morning sermons to reinforce the lesson and to present it to those not in classes. Thank you for all the work and expense you have gone to make this series available to the church.”

We are brought to tears at every Restoration School graduation ceremony, when we hear the testimonies of what God has done to bring freedom to our students. We look forward to reading your own testimony soon.

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