Why do bad things happen to good people? Your life is built on the foundation of your experiences. You know what you have lived. You know what was done to you. You know what you have done to others. You know what life is really like. In many cases, your life experiences encourage you to unconsciously question the goodness and doubt the love and power of God.

For nearly 30 years Restoration classes have helped people become free in Christ. Thousands of your brothers and sisters have found freedom from guilt and shame, anger and hatreds, and bondage from lifelong habits.

The Restoration class can help you overcome the lies the enemy has planted in your mind and soul. It can help you find freedom from all that weighs over and haunts you. And it can help you start a new phase in your life, building upon a new foundation based on God’s truth.


The typical Restoration class is offered 2 hours per week over 16 weeks at a cost of $50 per student. To attend you would have to find one of our local Restoration schools. Click here to check if there is a class offered near your area. While the best way to go through a Restoration class is as part of a larger group, we realize that, even after nearly 30 years, not everyone lives near one of the many locations where the classes are offered. We’ve received requests to hold Restoration classes from all over the world.


To make these Restoration classes available to you we have recorded the full 16 sessions on HD video and are offering them as an online self-study course. Finally you can benefit from a Restoration class anywhere in the world from the comfort and privacy of your own home. There is no barrier to stop you. You can start on your path to freedom today.

Your one time registration fee of $39 grants you online access to the 16 Restoration class sessions for a period of 20 weeks (5 months). Each Restoration class session is provided as two streaming HD video segments. Each session includes its related workbook chapter in PDF format, ready for you to download, print out and use.

You can access the full Restoration class on HD video anywhere you have access to an internet connection: on your smart-phone, on your tablet or laptop in Wi-Fi hotspots, or your home connection to your TV or computer.


While you can work through the Restoration class at your own speed, we recommend you space the sessions out one every few days. That way you can focus and meditate on the content as you work through the workbook exercises. This is your own struggle to understand your life experiences and gain freedom over them. Don’t rush through it. Take the time to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the connections between the content and your life. Don’t try to work through Restoration class in your own strength. Offer your time commitment to God. He will use the Restoration class as a spiritual tool for your liberation. You will be restored into the fullness of life that Jesus Christ bought for you.


"I was convinced of my utter worthlessness and battled with depression. I worked hard to keep up a cheerful exterior while inwardly I was planning my suicide. I cut myself and hated myself. The week before I ended everything a friend invited me to take a Restoration class with her. I went not expecting much but my life was turned around. I realized the roots of my self-hatred. With God's help and the truths I learned in class, I was able to work through forgiving others and myself. My life changed. I still wrestle with negativity but God has changed my mourning into dancing. I am so grateful to my friend and the Restoration team."

This is just one of thousands of testimonies of how God has freed people through Restoration classes. For more testimonies click here.


If the Restoration class is what you have been searching for, please sign up right now. You can start in on your first session immediately. Register here.

If you're not sure yet, click here for more information or you can view the entire first class session at no charge by clicking here.

We also offer you the option of receiving the Restoration Classes on DVD.

We are confident that God will bless you as you find freedom from those things that have been holding you back from entering into your full inheritance as a daughter or son of God.


Take the Restoration Class online!


Restoration Ministries is a Christian non-profit organization based in Oregon, USA. For over 25 years we have been offering Restoration classes to thousands of hurting people in the United States and 20 countries. In that time we have boiled down the content to a very powerful presentation. Our Restoration Class consists of 16 ninety minute sessions.

God moves powerfully in these classes. God's truth breaks through the lies and assumptions people believe and live with based on their own life experiences. He meets people where they are, loves them, and encourages them to rebuild the foundation of their lives, this time upon His truth. Light, freedom and joy rapidly begin to take the place of dark suffering and despair.

Now we offer the entire Restoration Class, over 20 hours of video teaching, online to serve suffering people worldwide.

We are so pleased you found us. We are delighted to offer you this opportunity to release the hurt, guilt and shame of your past and enter into the freedom you were made to enjoy. May God bless you and restore you to the fullness of life He bought for you on the cross through this video series.

To register for this online course, click here.

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